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How To Write An Employee Review

employer reviews

I definitely recommend it to anyone looking for the job. uss express reviews We have unlimited PTO, and we are encouraged to take it.

  • Update your browser to have a more positive job search experience.
  • If there’s someone in your team who did just as well as you, but they have a stronger relationship with your manager, you’ll get the short end of the stick when it comes to bonuses and raises.
  • We’ve helped companies of all sizes find and hire great people.
  • Unfortunately, negative reviews from both candidates and employees can have a huge influence on your bottom line.
  • As you encourage your employee to be detailed with their goals, be detailed with your positive feedback in return.

Employees also rated Indeed 4.5 out of 5 for work life balance, 4.5 for culture and values and 4.1 for career opportunities. I’ve worked at Indeed for two years, and I am so grateful I was hired. This culture is so positive, caring, and so many people have gone out of their way to help me. The company truly cares about your career and where you want to go.

Indeeds Company Review Rundown

The job, pay, benefits, and work environment we all around good. I do feel that indeed dropped the ball when it came to be being offered a permanent position. Planning ahead gives both you and your employee an advantage for increasing and maintaining performance. Review areas your employee can improve, and set both short- and long-term goals that lead to improvement. Together, set goals that are attainable, realistic and fair.

employer reviews

We create talent solutions that align with your culture, values and business objectives. We develop comprehensive, scalable and custom solutions that optimize your talent strategy and give you a competitive advantage. Indeed has grown so fast some of their back end systems are built for a smaller company vs. multi billion dollar enterprise. Billing systems are not built for enterprise clients and it causes a lot of problems. I do not think this is done on purpose, but your team will have people asked to grow 15% each quarter, and others that will forecast growth but still average a negative quota across the whole year . It is difficult to watch your peers with consistently super low quotas make a ton more money than you on commission. Even if you grow your revenue more, they will make more money and be more likely to be promoted because Indeed values quota attainment percentages over revenue growth.

Seeks Company Review Rundown

While managers are generally good people, sometimes feedback is provided in the form of gaslighting. Unfortunately my manager constantly subjected me to gaslighting, which took a serious toll on my mental health. You can read the available reviews and ratings by clicking on the company name or logo that links to their review page. With both positive and negative reviews, identify some common themes and topics discussed by multiple reviewers. Use these trends to make a list of common positives and negatives. Then determine the importance and potential impact of each item on your possible experience with the company.

employer reviews

Indeed’s Work Happiness survey asked over 1,240 current and former employees whether their manager at Indeed helped them succeed. 38% of the respondents said that they strongly agreed that their manager helped them succeed, and 14% said that they agreed. Indeed’s Work Happiness survey asked over 1,054 current and former employees if they felt stressed working at Indeed. Of the respondents, 34% said that they strongly agreed or agreed that they felt stressed at work most of the time. Indeed has a great culture and offers a lot of flexibility compared to similar roles. Pay seems to be lower than market comparable but they do offer a generous benefits package in addition to salary. The culture is great and the people are amazing, but the work is a bit boring after your first year and there isn’t a lot of compensation or career growth.

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Or, you may find that you’re being mentioned in answers to questions. Either way, Quora is another platform worth mentioning. 82% of candidates now consider employer brand and reputation before applying to a job — a 7% increase in the past five years. The school provides an unhealthy work environment for their staff not to mention the management lacks communication and professionalism. The teachers get scrutinized for every little indiscretion.

Employers Reviews

Fuel your authentic brand voice with featured reviews and responses. From the moment you post the job, ZipRecruiter helps you pre-qualify candidates with customizable screening questions. Employers, like Grechen Heubner of Kodable, are able to implement deal-breaker questions to help find the most qualified candidates. Ask a question about working or interviewing at Employers Options. I would recommend this job to a lot of people who love working with special adults or kids someone who has the inspiration and patients for things like this. It’s a great job & it teaches you a lot about different people and disabilities that most people aren’t aware of or even heard of. You also get ALOT of hours so u can bond and eat to know who you are working with.

Day to day admin work continues to increase with no signs of improving on process and functions. For sales, if you miss quota 2 quarters in a row, you’ll be put on a plan then miss again, a more in depth plan then can get fired. Usually it’s not bad but with the declining economy and businesses on hiring freezes, it’s all luck with what book of business you get. It can be helpful to leave space at the bottom of your written review to write down these questions and concerns.

Australian owned and operated employer review site that is a great source of feedback and reviews from employees. Candidates can easily search ratings, reviews and uss express reviews jobs for a huge set of companies. An employee review is when a manager and an employee meet to discuss the employee’s performance during a certain timeframe.

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It’s important to know these employer review sites so you can manage your brand and reputation. Indeed’s uss express reviews are segmented into a list of the best places to work and has around 500 companies that are reviewed and rated by current and past employees. Indeed is more like Glassdoor (both are owned by Recruit Holdings Ltd.) in the way employee reviews are conducted and also provide individual ratings as well as cumulative ratings. Glassdoor’s employer branding solutions tell job seekers why they want to work at your company and help uncover ways to improve your employee experience.

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