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Improving Your Procurement And Logistics Management

With a vast network of strategically located fulfillment centers nationwide, full-service 3PLs like ours make sure you have the right merchandise at the right location so orders ship faster and cheaper. If you’re investing in your own warehouses and distribution centers, costs aren’t set to decrease any time soon. Warehousing rents are predicted to increase by 10% over the next 12 months and a shortfall of 140 million square footage of warehouse space expected by 2024 is bound to bump up the price of storage facilities. If you’re in the process of scaling your ecommerce business, you probably already know this to be true, particularly when it comes to logistics, shipping, and fulfillment.

express purchases in the field of logistics

The final measure is to confirm that the 3PL integrates with your existing inventory management system, order management system, order processing software, and/or warehouse management solution. Decide whether you prefer a refund or credit if shipments aren’t fulfilled on time. Be sure you know whether you’ll be credited for broken or lost items—understand the service-level guarantees offered to gauge your liabilities. When working with a new 3PL, it’s crucial that things switch over seamlessly. uss express apply for jobs Monitor your customer support channels and social media for shipping-related complaints from customers. Also inquire about whether your 3PL options offer some form of reporting to help you keep track of things like timeliness of deliveries, order and delivery accuracy, and shipping-related damages. Likewise, choose a 3PL that is also looking for a long-term partnership, such as one that’s able to advise you on how to maximize sales, reduce costs and optimize your supply chain.


Then, establish a single point of contact who has experience with your supply chain and has the authority to make decisions. Next, set up recurring reviews where you can evaluate whether your 3PL is meeting expectations.

  • However, it’s sensible to choose a 3PL before you’re overwhelmed by order growth.
  • It’s the third acquisition in as many years for Mark-It as the company looks to grow its operations beyond the Midwest.
  • If you’ve never worked with a 3PL before, it might sound like an expensive solution to an albeit annoying workflow.
  • That was what LA-based apparel brand CISE experienced when it engaged the services of the Shopify Fulfillment Network , Shopify’s own 3PL.

Working closely with your manufacturer or supplier on expected order volumes can minimize the risk of not receiving enough inventory on time to meet demand. Reorder inventory on time based on demand, as well as how long it will take to purchase inventory and receive your order from your manufacturer. When you don’t have visibility and oversight of the procurement process, it can be a challenge to create a resilient supply chain since the procurement stage is disconnected from the rest of your operations. Or you may end up procuring more inventory than the anticipated demand, which can lead to what’s known as “dead stock” due to items going obsolete, expired, or out of season.

Factor In Forecasted Demand To Procurement Planning

We utilize the most advanced and up-to-date electronic interfaces to communicate with the U.S. Our personalized service expedites your shipments and clears your cargo through customs prior to its arrival. In addition, we stay on top of and immediately implement all changes to customs regulatory procedures, ensuring you are always in compliance.

express purchases in the field of logistics

If you would like more information on the latest air cargo technologies, please reach out to our team at . To remain competitive and enhance efficiency, keeping up with uss express address the latest technology is a must. The logistics industry is benefiting immensely from the latest technology and will continue to grow as more advances are made.

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