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Simply K-12

Simply K-12

A student management system or student administration system is a management information system for education sector establishments used to manage student data. It integrates students, parents, teachers and the administration. Student management systems provide capabilities for registering students in courses; documenting grading, transcripts of academic achievement and co-curricular activities, and the results of student assessment scores; forming student schedules; tracking student attendance; generating reports and managing other student-related data needs in an educational institution.

K-12 is a 360-degree solution for schools of all levels from Pre-school to High. Our feature rich school management system is fully modular and comes packed with a plethora of features including (but not limited to) tracking student/teacher attendance, keeping up with student progress and an overview of academic & social performance indicators. K-12 includes separate modules for System Administrators, Students and Teachers.

Benefits of K-12:

Effortless management of students and staff

K-12 enables you to manage all of your teachers as well as their students in one place. Our advanced, easy to use and interactive administration dashboard shows you everything you would need to monitor your school.

Up-to-date reports and summaries generation:

Both the Admin and the Teacher module support report/summary generation functionalities and display important information in the form of infographics on the dashboard. Our system makes sure that school management, teachers and parents are kept in loop about staff and student performance.

Cost effectivity

All of K-12’s modules provide you real-time computer-generated infographics and reports, thus cutting printing costs. Record-keeping is also easier than ever before and requires way lesser resources than its conventional counterparts, both physically and virtually.


Module/Panel Features

Take a look below at some of the modern features that keeps our product ahead.

Add/update course information

Insert/update student & teacher particulars

Generate fee bills

Add course breakdown

Create course diaries


Module/Panel Features

Take a look below at some of the modern features that keeps our product ahead.

Maintain student attendance

Create course assessments

Upload course material

Grade student work

Assign work to course homework diary


Module/Panel Features

Take a look below at some of the modern features that keeps our product ahead.

View course/class attendance

View course assessment(s) grading

View homework diary

Submit assessments

Access course material uploaded by teachers

Team behind Simply K-12

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