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OBE product description:

Outcome-based education, as the name suggests, is an educational theory that bases each part of an educational system around goals (outcomes). Every aspect in a course (such as classes, group tasks/projects and individual assessments) help further students’ progress towards the expected outcomes.

Outcome-based methods have been adopted all around the world across multiple levels ranging from high schools to post-graduate degree programs. In an international effort to accept OBE, The Washington Accord was created in 1989. This accord is an agreement to accept undergraduate engineering degrees that were obtained using OBE methodologies.

How does OBE differ from conventional education methods?

OBE can be primarily distinguished from conventional education by its method of incorporation of the following three elements:
In this outcome-based educational methodology, the following skills are focused on when developing curricula and outcomes:
Theory of education
Systematic structure for education
Specific approach to instructional practice
Specific approach to instructional practice
Life skills
Basic skills
Professional & vocational skills
Intellectual skills
Personal and interpersonal skills

Benefits of OBE:


The focus on outcomes creates a clear expectation of what needs to be accomplished by the end of the course. Those designing and planning the curriculum are expected to work backwards once an outcome has been decided upon; they must determine what knowledge and skills will be required to reach the outcome. As such, both students and course instructors understand what is expected of them and what they will need to learn/teach, creating a profound sense of clarity through achievable outcomes.


OBE does not specify a precise method of instruction; therefore, instructors are able to structure course content around students’ needs. Teachers are free to guide and help students understand course material in any way necessary, making OBE an effective student-centered learning model.


OBE can be compared across different institutions. On an individual level, institutions can look at what outcomes a student has achieved to decide what level the student would be at within a new institution. On an institutional level, institutions can compare themselves, by checking to see what outcomes they have in common, and find places where they may need improvement, based on the achievement of outcomes at other institutions.


Student involvement in the classroom is a key part of OBE. Students are expected to do their own learning, so that they gain a full understanding of the material. Increased student involvement allows students to feel responsible for their own learning, and they should learn more through this individual learning.

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Muhammad Ali Jinnah University

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Dawood University of Engineering and Technology

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